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Eddie and Me

Announcing my latest book: Fly Back to the Brac, Brian Brown Booby is now available for purchase on Amazon! This book tells the heartwarming true story of a young brown booby that found on a beach on Grand Cayman, almost 100 miles from his home on Cayman Brac. He was cared for by an animal rehabilitator and eventually learns to fly with others of his species. Check the Book News page for more information

My love of lizards, especially big ones, has led to a variety of stories. and scripts. Here's a review from a verified purchaser of Curtis Curly-tail and the Ship of Adventures! "The story was interesting and enjoyable. The pictures were incredibly well done and creative and clearly depict Curtis and his adventures."

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My book, Silent Rocks is available on Amazon, is called . This book highlights the damaging effect of human behavior on the lives of native iguanas on Cayman Brac, an island in the Cayman Islands south of Cuba. Iguanas do not fare well in the face of human behavior, such as clearing land to build houses, leaving dangerous trash that accumulate in shallow waters, and paving roads that tempt the iguanas onto the warm pavement to bask, only to be maimed or killed by heedless drivers. The book encourages thoughtful awareness and action to help protect iguanas, and is suitable for all ages.

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Lizardnapped!Dragon of Nani Cave

Announcing two new books!
I am pleased to announce the release of two new books, now available for sale on Amazon and other popular bookstores,

Curtis Curly-tail is Lizardnapped! finds our hero caught up in a poaching operation along with iguana and conch friends. Can he and his curly-tailed friends escape, save their friends, and help catch the poachers?
Available at Amazon in print or Kindle formats.

The Dragon of Nani Cave is one of a series on the Lime Lizards Lads, Bony and Gene. A soldier hermit crab challenges the lads to go on an adventure to find the Dragon of Nani Cave. Along the way, they meet up with other residents of their island and learn a lot about how humans are unsettling the natural balance of things.
Available at Amazon in print or Kindle

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Don't Call Me Turtle!
I am very pleased to announce the publication of Don't Call Me Turtle! a children's book about tortoises and their unique (and distinctly NOT turtle-like) life histories. This beautifully illustrated book is available from Amazon!

Recent Review of Don't Call Me Turtle! in the Arizona Daily Star:

"To the casual observer, turtles and tortoises appear to share so many similarities that we often use the names “turtle” and “tortoise” interchangeably. But the fact is that they couldn’t be more different, says Elaine Powers, whose charming picture book employs clever rhymes and colorful illustrations to demonstrate why the two should never be confused. To begin with, while some turtles were built to paddle around in the water, she says, tortoises were not – throw a tortoise in the water, and he’ll drown. And that’s just the beginning of her lesson about these special — and very distinctive — reptiles, a lesson sure to fascinate junior naturalists and animal lovers."