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The author and her iguana, Eddie

Eddie and Me - My love of lizards, especially big ones, has inspired a variety of stories and scripts.

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Don't Make Me Rattle Front Cover

We have just released the latest in our "Don't Make Me..." series! Don't Make Me Rattle! is beautifully illustrated and contains facts and features about one of North America's most iconic residents: the rattlesnake! People fear rattlesnakes because they don’t understand them. Come inside and learn about these amazing snakes, how they help people, and why they should be respected, not exterminated. This book is now available on Amazon!

Review of Don't Make Me Rattle in the AZ Star! by Helene Woodhams:

A rattle from a reptile is not a welcome sound, but if it makes you tread carefully it's served its purpose, says Tucson author Elaine Powers. In a picture book chock-full of rattlesnake facts, she emphasizes the good they do (eating rodents, scattering seeds, and aiding cancer research) as she imparts interesting reptilian lore. For instance, although toxic to those on the receiving end, venom acts like saliva for a rattlesnake, a necessary digestive aid since they lack teeth for chewing. And rattlers are surprisingly social creatures who bunk together when it's cold-forming a 'rhumba' of rattlers. An unabashed rattlesnake fan, Powers bemoans how willingly we exterminate them, largely because they look so unlovable. She gets no argument here from illustrator Nicholas Thorpe, whose threatening rattlesnake pictures, some of them with mouths agape, dripping venom, are undeniably scary. This is the third in Powers''Don't' series of nature books for kids in grades K-4.

Front cover How (not) to Photograph a Hummingbird

We are happy to announce the publication of our latest book, How (not) to Photograph a Hummingbird, now available on Amazon in print and ebook format. This picture book for readers of all ages tells the humorous story of how the Sonoran Desert conspires against hummingbird photography.
Illustrated by Anderson Atlas.

Little girl reading Don't Make Me Fly

Lovely review of Don't Make Me Fly in Life section of the September 3 Arizona Daily Star, by Helen Woodhams:

"What a curious creature the roadrunner is! This iconic desert bird prefers hoofing it to flying, and its footprints are the same backwards as they are forwards. With vibrant illustrations by Nicholas Thorpe, this picture book is jam-packed with scientific facts about roadrunners, delivered in verse form to keep the narrative lively. Roadrunners "...grab their victim/behind its head/And bash it on/the ground until it is dead." Want to know how to swallow a horned lizard? Keep reading! This is the second offering in the "Don't" series by Tucson author Elaine A. Powers. The first is "Don't Call Me Turtle!" "Don't Make Me Fly!" is recommended for children in grades K-4."
Now available from Ingram Spark!

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Cover image for Don't Call Me Turtle

Don't Call Me Turtle! is a children's book about tortoises and their unique (and distinctly NOT turtle-like) life histories. This beautifully illustrated book is available from Amazon!
Now Available from Ingram Spark

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