Monthly Archives: September 2015

Little Cayman – Visit with my cousins and the iguanas

After the great visit on Cayman Brac, I went to Little Cayman.  Little Cayman is the other Sister Island in the Cayman Islands.  Most people go to Little Cayman to scuba dive, you know how they take a tank of air and go swimming under water.  Scuba diving is something that I as a curly-tail lizard am never going to do.  People enjoy watching all the animals in the ocean.  Elaine and I went for entirely different reasons.  First, she had to finish up some work on my second book, “Curtis Curly-tail Hears a Hutia.”  This time I tell the story with different endings so you can choose which one you like the best.  You see, the hutia are damaging the protected ecosystem on my home cay, Warderick Wells.  The humans aren’t sure what to do about that.  So the reader gets to decide how they would handle the problem.  I suggest 3 possible choices, but maybe one of you out there might come up with an even better solution.

It had been very rainy on Little Cayman.  Elaine was hoping to have a day or two of rain, so she could spend a lot of time writing and inserting illustrations where they needed to go in the text.  Of course, I brought the lovely weather and she only got to write as the sun rose over the ocean.

I’ve started working on my third book “Curtis Curly-tail is Lizardnapped.”  It will be full of suspense, maybe a bit scary.  I get captured by poachers and taken off Warderick Wells.  I haven’t written the ending yet, so I don’t know if I make it back or not!

While the sun was out, Elaine joined her friends (Jill, Jen and Tay) in surveying the iguanas on Little Cayman like she had on Cayman Brac.  While she was out with the iguanas, I visited with my cousins.  We discussed story-lines, so yes, someday there will be a curly-tail tale set on Little Cayman.