What Does 2021 Hold?

If you’re familiar with Facebook, you know they often have games for people to play.  Every now and then I can’t resist and participate. After the difficulties of 2020, I was curious to see what 2021 might hold for me.  I swept over the letters with my eye looking for words hidden within. I was surprised and pleased with the result.

The first four words I saw were:  creation, self-care, power and breakthrough.  With the pandemic this year, I’ve been working on marketing the educational aspects of my books and workbooks and have noted for students learning at home that I hope my work adds some fun to their learning activities. I haven’t had any message-breakthroughs yet, but maybe next year, that will change. Maybe the focus and intent of my efforts this year will finally create results in 2021.

On days like today, we can say we truly don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is important. Enjoy the word search and for 2021, I wish you and yours health and happiness . . . and creativity.

Elaine A. Powers
Elaine A. Powers, Author
Lyric Power Publishing LLC