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New Releases

Dinosaurs Roamed Arizona!

Reading Level:
Ages 4+

Embark on a prehistoric adventure to when Arizona’s landscape was the homeland of dinosaurs. Travel back to the Mesozoic Era and meet the dinos that roamed around the Grand Canyon state. Get ready to be amazed and maybe a little frightened by the giants that left their marks in time. This book is filled with fun facts and colorful illustrations sure to leave imprints on anyone that reads it.


Reading Level:
Ages 4+

This educational fiction story is about a desert tortoise and friends in the Sonoran Desert. This picture book is fun, colorful, sort-of spooky that will have kids learning facts about native animals and not even know it! All the plants and animals in the book are readily found and identifiable in the Sonoran Desert. Photos and scientific names of the plants and animals featured in the story can be found in the back of the book.

The Hummingbird of El Conquistador

Reading Level:
Ages 8+

One day a black-chinned hummingbird selected a branch outside the El Conquistador Resort’s gift shop window to build her nest. By choosing that location, she invited the staff and guests into her world. Join in the exciting adventures of this amazing hummingbird.

Guam: Return of the Songs

Reading Level: Ages 8+

Dual Language: English and CHamoru

Introducing the brown treesnake to Guam destroyed many native animals in the island ecosystem. This book tells the story of that invasion and the return of Guam’s native birds, in both English and CHamoru.

Squirrels of the Sonoran Desert

Reading Level: Ages 5+

 If your little ones are curious about those borrowing, furry squirrels in your backyard or at your favorite park, Squirrels of the Sonoran Desert is a great introduction. It’s full of insightful information and wonderful illustrations by Anderson Atlas. Even if younger children don’t remember all of the scientific knowledge contained in this book, it’s important to start imprinting their brains with positive, educational, and interesting information about the world around them.

children's book cover about Curtis Curly-tail lizard and a hurricane in the Bahamas

Curtis Curly-tail is
Blown Away!

An Adventure Tale
For Readers Age 8+

Illustrations by
Monique Carroll

30 Pages

In the fourth book of the series, the very good friend, Curtis Curly-tail, joins Allison Andros Iguana to warn fellow iguanas on low-lying Beach Cay about a coming hurricane. They are vulnerable to the storm surge, high rainfall and the powerful winds. Their entire population could be wiped out by the storm!
In this story, as in real life, people come together to help each other, the animals
and the environment. Curtis Curly-tail is blown away by the storm. Grab a copy today and find out what happens to his iguana friends—and if Curtis makes it back home to his perfect den on Warderick Wells Cay.
This is a fun adventure for kids that teaches them
about weather science and ecosystems.