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About Elaine

Elaine A. Powers, Author

I’m Elaine A. Powers, a retired biologist, actor and singer, a conservationist with a passion for reptiles, and today—much to my surprise!—I’m an author of over 25 science-based children’s stories and scripts.

You would have been surprised, too, if a lizard climbed onto your shoe and a children’s tale about him unfolded in your mind. That’s how my career as an author began: meeting Curtis, a Curly-tailed lizard, while on vacation in The Bahamas. His story was first told in Curtis Curly-tail and the Ship of Sneakers. After that, more stories, as adventures and poetry, just kept coming! (You can meet Curtis up close by clicking here.)

I have always loved science, but the musician in me loves rhythm and entertainment, so science needs to be fun. Thus, here you will find science woven into adventure tales and rhyming stanzas, which have been shown to support cognitive development in children and grow their language skills. Poetry also improves imagination and creativity, and encourages an interest in reading, because it’s fun to say those rhymes! It’s fun to write them, too.

I am often asked why I write. Besides the fun, the stories never really stop. And when you listen to the muse, you never know where life will lead you. I always hope people will enjoy my books because I derive a great deal of pleasure from writing them in a way that even grandparents and parents can learn something new. I always do when I write them and it’s great fun.

It is also very satisfying, and humbling, to see my books prominently displayed in bookstores and gift shops. I have been very fortunate with the merchants of Southern Arizona, The Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands, where many of my stories are set. I recently realized that, despite the unusual start of my career as an author, the gratification I get from writing and sharing science in fun ways has made my book business into a real business. And that brings a sense of accomplishment and a joy all of its own.

Thank you for visiting My Official Author Website. Please enjoy yourself as you look around. There’s something fun and educational for everyone at

elaine a powers with rhino iguana rango Here I am with Rhino Iguana, Rango. Isn’t she a beauty?
elaine a powers with hybrid green iguana And this is me with my my hybrid green iguana, Turquoise

elaine a powers with red foot tortoise 
And this is Myrtle, a Red-foot tortoise. She loves to rearrange furniture and she insisted I write the book, “Don’t Call Me Turtle!”