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BLOG: Tales and Tails

graphic of a curly-tail lizard
Curtis Tails

A Big Hello from Curtis!

Welcome to Tales and Tails. I am Curtis Curly-tail, the very special lizard who launched Elaine’s career as the author of science-based children’s books–and now,

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Someone mixing liquids in beakers.
Science Education

The Science of… Oatmeal?

Do you ever think about the physics in action within your breakfast? Sometimes, I do, especially after a spectacular failure, like when I attempted to

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A Harris's Hawk perched on a branch displaying the side and tail of the bird.

Prey of the Hawk!

They hunt as a pack, led by the dominant female. Working together, they can subdue larger prey than an individual can, providing a feast for

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Three tortoises settling into a corner of a room in a house.
Living with Reptiles

Choose Another Corner!

I live in a good-sized house. It has four bedrooms and two large living room areas with many corners. Having corners is very important to

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Bully the bull looks through the bars of his stall.
Tales From Elaine

Adventures of a Bully 

Recently, I boarded my horse at an interesting barn in Overgaard. My horse enjoyed his stay, I’m happy to say. But what made it particularly

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