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An Old Fossil Publishes a Dinosaur Book!

The cover of Dinosaurs Roamed Arizona.

Every festival, I’m asked if I have any books about dinosaurs. Up until now, I’ve had to say no. However, if a topic is requested often enough, what is an author to do but write one? Sure, there are books about dinosaurs, but how about books about the dinosaurs found in Arizona? Once again, I have written a niche book.

Dinosaurs Roamed Arizona!

The cover of Dinosaurs Roamed Arizona.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that dinosaurs have been found in Arizona. Of course, many of the fossils were located in that area of ancient preservation, the Petrified Forest. This area is known for its Triassic fossils, which include many dinosaurs. Fortunately, the area is protected as a national park:

I’ve made the Sonoran Desert and its plants and animals the focus of many of my books. Instead of tackling the massive topic of all dinosaurs in North America, I focused on those found in Arizona.  

I learned so much from researching this book. Several reptiles I thought were dinosaurs are not (it’s all about the hips). Many dinosaurs and reptiles lived together in what became Arizona when the environment was much lusher. Fossils have been found for many of the dinosaur types – from the beginning, Arizona has been an area of diverse residents.

Some Arizonan fossil finds have provided scientists with important information about the dinosaurs’ body structure and social behaviors.

Anderson Atlas did a fabulous job illustrating the facts described in my rhyming text. Poetry and vivid illustrations combine to tell this dinosaur tale.

I hope you enjoy it!

Get your copy from me at one of my upcoming book festivals, or purchase it online.

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