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Conservation Books

Book cover for Guam: Return of the Songs.

Guam: Return of the Songs

Reading Level: Ages 8+

Dual Language

70 Pages

Illustrated by: Dawn Lees Reyes & Lucille Ronquillo

Translated by: Roda Salas Palomo & Marilyn R. Perez

Introducing the brown treesnake to Guam destroyed many native animals in the island ecosystem. This book tells the story of that invasion and the return of Guam’s native birds, in both English and CHamoru.
A brown book cover with illustrations of bahamian boa snakes

Tabby, the Five-Finger Fairy, Ambassador for Wildlife Conservation in The Bahamas, Introduces Us to Her Bahamian Boa Friends

Reading Level: Ages 8+

Written in Rhyme

40 Pages

Wonderful Illustrations by Anderson Atlas With A Facts and Photo Page For Each Boa

Tabby, the Five-Finger Fairy, is a good friend to everyone she meets. After Cleo, a Bahamian Boa, rescues her in their first book, Tabby & Cleo: Unexpected Friends, Tabby tells us about the natural history of the often misunderstood endemic Bahamian Boas, which have an important place in Bahamian life.
book cover with photo of iguana from Cayman Brac

We don’t want to see
the Iguanas disappear!

They belong on the island!
They must be here!

Written in Rhyme

For All Ages
26 pages

Photographs by
Bonnie Scott Edwards

Illustrations by
Anderson Atlas

The endemic Sister Isle Rock Iguana of Cayman Brac is critically endangered. This poignant book shows why* and how we humans can help. Includes many photographs of these magnificent large lizards.

*Silent Rocks can be used to teach how humans endanger many species

colorful children's book cover with a curly-tail lizard riding on a hutia's back

Curtis wonders what can be done when and endangered species threatens a protected environment. A choose-your-own-ending book.

A Chapter Book
For Readers Age 10+

Colorful, bright
Illustrations of the characters,
the island and ocean life
by Anderson Atlas 

40 Pages

This is a special story for readers who like to solve problems. It takes Curtis Curly-tail on his second adventure, but is based on real ecological events taking place on Warderick Wells Cay in The Bahamas.

The hutia are endangered rodents native to the islands. Some are transplanted to Curtis’s cay, and Curtis meets his new friend, Horace. When the scientists come back to check on the hutia, they find that the native shrubs are almost gone, due to the hungry hutia. 

But Curtis and Horace do not understand what is happening when the hutia are captured and put into cages. Curtis decides to do everything he can to help Horace and his family. 

It is you, the reader, however, who must decide how the story will end. How do you solve a problem when an endangered species threatens a protected environment? There are three endings to the book. Which one will you choose?
Or, will you come up with another solution?

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