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BLOG: Tales and Tails

White barnacles clinging to a rock.
Tales From Elaine

Backstories and Barnacles

Recently, while on vacation in Florida, I listened to a lecture on compelling storytelling. It’s an important topic for me, and something I strive to

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A chipmunk with it's cheeks full of food staring at camera.

The Need to Feed

An author friend of mine recently wrote a blog for my publisher, Lyric Power Publishing. She described how she, a girl who grew up on

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photo of New Providence Boa
Book Stories

Snakes (and Science) for All!

Buying books online is wonderfully convenient, but for me, selling my STEM-based books in-person is special, especially when the people are children. I’m delighted when

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Tales From Elaine

How Not to Photograph a Bat

I wrote a book about the difficulties in photographing hummingbirds, How Not to Photograph a Hummingbird. It pits one bumbling human against the desert as

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