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Elaine Featured in Arizona Illustrated!

A screenshot of Elaine's featured Arizona Illustrator video, she is holding a desert tortoise.

Watch Elaine in her Arizona Illustrated feature video as she talks about passionately spreading science education through her many rescued animals and whimsical rhymes in her storytelling.

Elaine’s Latest Bilingual Book Featured in the AZ Daily Star

Book cover for Guam: Return of the Songs.

Elaine A. Powers and her recently released bilingual book, Guam: Return of the Songs, was featured in Arizona Daily Star on Sunday, December 4, 2022. This is her 27th picture book and first to be presented both in English and the Guamian language of Chamorro.  The article touts the tale of “how non-native snakes decimated […]

Read About Elaine’s New Book in the AZ Daily Star

Elaine, holding her newest book in front of a glass case with her other picture books on display.

Elaine A. Powers and her recently released book, Guam: Return of the Songs, were featured in the Home & Life section of the Arizona Daily Star on Sunday, June 12, 2022. This is her 27th picture book and first to be presented both in English and the Guamian language of Chamorro. The article touts the the […]

Author Elaine A. Powers Featured on Tucson Environmental Community Partners

Tucson Environmental headline: Elaine A. Powers: Author, Biologist, & Conservationist.

Elaine A. Powers was recently featured on Tucson Environmental Community Partners. This felicitous editorial aligns with Elaine’s aim as an author, conservationist, and biologist to spread science and fun through her stories. Tucson Environmental Community Partners’ mission is to share the ‘purpose and passion’ of Tucson environmentalist residents, enthusiasts, professionals, educators, business owners, and volunteers. The […]

Cayman Illustrator featured in Cayman Compass

Book cover with illustration of a brown booby sitting on a sandy beach as people play in the water behind it.

Simone Scott illustrator of Fly Back to the Brac, Brian Brown Booby was recently featured in the Cayman Island’s most trusted news source, Cayman Compass, as well as the Autumn/Winter 2021 issue of InsideOut magazine.  As a Cayman Brac resident and talented artist, Simone was the perfect choice for Elaine’s book featuring the Grand Cayman’s Brown Boobies.  Read […]

Arizona Daily Star Book Review: Squirrels of the Sonoran Desert

book cover image squirrels of the sonoran desert

“Elaine Powers, a former laboratory biologist, is living her retirement dream writing science-based picture books for children. Tortoises, rattlesnakes, and even the Night-blooming Cereus have all been grist for her mill. With this latest offering, inspired by a suggestion from volunteer naturalists at Sabino Canyon, Powers takes on the challenge of explaining, in rhyme, the […]

Arizona Daily Star Book Review: Queen of the Night

book cover Queen of the Night

“A perk of Sonoran-desert living is the one-night-only appearance of the Night-Blooming Cereus, a much-anticipated summer event for Tucsonans who rely on predictions from experts to know precisely when the tiny window of opportunity will open on the floral extravaganza. How in the world do the experts know? And what causes a cactus to behave this way? With this […]

Arizona Daily Star Book Review: Don’t Make Me Fly!

illustration of a desert roadrunner

“What a curious creature the Roadrunner is! This iconic desert bird prefers hoofing it to flying, and its footprints are the same backward as they are forward. With vibrant illustrations by Nicholas Thorpe, this picture book is jam-packed with scientific facts about roadrunners, delivered in verse form to keep the narrative lively. Roadrunners “grab their […]

Arizona Daily Star Book Review: Don’t Make Me Rattle!

book cover graphic of rattlesnake

“A rattle from a reptile is not a welcome sound, but if it makes you tread carefully, it’s served its purpose, says Tucson author Elaine A. Powers. In a picture book chock-full of rattlesnake facts, she emphasizes the good they do (eating rodents, scattering seeds, and aiding cancer research), as she imparts interesting reptilian lore. […]