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It’s Festival Time Again!

Elaine smiling from her booth at the 2019 TFOB

Tucson is known for nature, music, and food. As a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Tucson will feed your body. Nature and open spaces provide sustenance for your soul. For your mind, Tucson has the Festival of Books! My books offer a particularly nourishing mental feast with chunks of information in a rich sauce of poetry.

Find me at the Festival!

Yes, it’s time again for the Tucson Festival of Books, the third-largest book festival in the US! On March 9 & 10, book lovers (authors, readers, publishers, etc.) will congregate in the mall of the University of Arizona. This isn’t some rinky-dink local festival. No, this festival attracts people from around the world. Family-oriented, there are booths, talks and performances, and hands-on activities! 

When I first attended the festival, which is abbreviated TFoB, I walked around, participated in some talks, and enjoyed the food. Now, I have my booth selling children’s books with fellow author/illustrator Anderson Atlas. We’ve collaborated on several books, so you can have us sign your books. You can’t get that at a bookstore! Over the years, we’ve had books for toddlers to young adults. This year, we’ll be joined by Karen Brungardt and Penny Peyser. We’ll have books for all children, from toddlers to adults and older! Something for everyone in your family.

If you want to check out our books (I have a book on dinosaurs!), come by booth #408. The title of the booth is Grab an Adventure by the Tale! We’ll be unveiling our new mascot, Captain Jack Saguaro!

The mall is an excellent place for this event. The open space easily accommodates all the book fans, estimated to be around 130,000. The Los Angeles book festival, considered the largest in the US, has only a few more attendees at 150,000! Consider it: LA has 3.9 million residents, while Tucson only has about 550,000! Tucsonans love books! 

The love of books, reading, and writing is passed on from generation to generation. I’m always thrilled when parents encourage their children to read and choose books. So many parents tell their children they can buy one item, but that limitation isn’t true for books. The youngsters are allowed to select as many books as they want. What a wonderful thing.

I will have some new titles, as will my fellow authors. Bring your money and your love of reading. TFoB is the place to be on March 9 & 10. Take this opportunity to meet and hear your favorite authors speak, support the local authors, both traditionally and independently published, and encourage your kids to participate in the activities.

Remember, find me in Booth #408: come grab your adventure! Find all my upcoming events on my events page

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