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Happy Birthday, Exuma!

photo of young gelding with mother

Since my mare, Button, is approaching retirement from being a saddle horse, I decided to get a younger horse to take over her work. That is how Exuma, a Quarter Horse gelding, came into my life. Exuma was born on April 28, 2017. Today is his fourth birthday! Above photo courtesy of D. Iman He […]

Writing and Riding Fill My Days

photo of a quarter horse named Exuma

With the pandemic, I’ve been dividing my time mostly between two activities: riding and writing. I’m either at the stables with my two horses or at home writing, surrounded by my reptiles. It’s working out well since I’m getting fresh air and exercise with Button and Exuma, which stimulates my health and well-being for the […]


close up of large rock iguana hybrid on chest

Almost 70% of families in the US have pets. I suspect with the pandemic that percentage may have increased. I, of course, have a household filled with pets. Mine don’t have fur, like the more familiar cats and dogs–they have scales. Yes, my pets are reptiles. In addition, I have two pets that I’m not […]