You’ll Never Guess What the Latest Pet Is!

With social distancing and domicile isolation, people are turning to animals for companionship. Dog adoptions have increased and even I bought a second horse. However, new family members haven’t been limited to limited to the usual animals, like dogs, cats, birds, or fish. The newest fad pet is a SNAIL. These mollusks are showing up on social media engaged in a variety of fun activities.

Snails are low maintenance animals, a perfect buddy during quarantine. They aren’t noisy, so the neighbors won’t complain, and their housing needs are minimal. Two snails are not enough for most enthusiasts but don’t worry, snails are very prolific.

The usual lifespan for a snail is 2-3 years.  Unfortunately, in my house it is significantly less, since slugs and snails are favorite foods of Trevor Box Turtle.

Yet, I find it interesting that people are embracing snails as pets. I’ve learned some interesting things about them that would endear them as companion animals.

      1. Snails have poor eyesight but an excellent sense of smell, through which they will recognize you.
      2. They like to have their shells rubbed.
      3. They will eat out of your hand, actually in your hand and enjoy the warmth of your skin.
      4. They like warm showers and baths.

Snails are the perfect pet: quiet, small, self-renewing, with colorful shells, slow moving so they won’t get away, and those eyestalks are so cute!

What do you think?

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