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Lights! Camera! Action! (and Scratches!)

screenshot of two iguanas in Corazon Tequila commercial

With the pandemic, my reptile talks have moved to video, instead of live, presentations. I talk about reptiles every Thursday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. MST at my Facebook page, Elaine Powers. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for my Reptile-Side Chat, when the green iguanas and I talk about color, chromatophores, and so much more! […]

A Creep or a Convergence?

6 tortoises of three species gathered around a heat lamp

With Spring, the tortoises wander about more actively. The brumating species, like the Sonoran Desert and Sulcata tortoises, emerge from my bedroom to join the now more ever-wandering red-footed tortoises. I have a heat lamp set up in the front room where the tortoises can sit and bask. Usually, one or two will be utilizing […]

Pandemic Life, Pandemic Dreams—and Tortoises!

photo of dream catcher with green land and light behind it

I’ve always had vivid dreams, many that I can fully remember when I wake up. Most are filled with action (being chased or falling), which doesn’t really bother me. However, every now and then I have a bad dream that wakes me up with a start and a surge of adrenaline. I’ve forgotten to do […]

My Computer is Padded: Reptile-Side Chats Here I Come!

photo of table covered in pads and laptop screen

In previous posts, I mentioned the lessons learned from doing Facebook Live talks. I was able to continue them last week with my new laptop.  New, because my Sonoran Desert tortoise peed on my old laptop and killed it. I did hold her up for 12 minutes, and she showed great restraint, so it really […]

The Facebook Live Learning Curve–Post Two: Pee on Set

Photo Sonoran Desert Tortoise

In a previous blog post, I mentioned the surprises I had in my first Facebook Live talk. My second talk with my iguana went well and I thought I knew what I was doing. Hah! For my third talk, I showed my Sonoran Desert Tortoise and I mentioned how reptiles urinate when they are stressed. […]

What I Learned from My First ‘Facebook Live’ Presentation

screenshot from Facebook Live presentation

One of my activities that I love is taking my reptile family members to schools for sharing. I can talk about reptiles for hours. Of course, with the pandemic, I’m not able to do these live presentations for now. I’ve offered to present my reptiles using Zoom meetings, but then decided I might try a […]