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close up of large rock iguana hybrid on chest

Almost 70% of families in the US have pets. I suspect with the pandemic that percentage may have increased. I, of course, have a household filled with pets. Mine don’t have fur, like the more familiar cats and dogs–they have scales. Yes, my pets are reptiles. In addition, I have two pets that I’m not […]

Who’s Your Favorite Footrest?

tortoise underfoot

Do you have a favorite footrest in your home? Putting one’s feet up is so relaxing and relieving. The cushioniest footrest in my house is the one that came with a comfy chair. Simple, functional, the perfect height, very practical. My favorite footrest is covered with a needlepoint I stitched many decades ago. I was […]

The Tortoise and the Chair by Elaine A. Powers

a tortoise in the kitchen, pushing a chair away from the table

Note: This post was inspired by my friend, Don Fialkowski. I had complained about my tortoise, Myrtle, pushing on my chair. My apologies to Aesop and his fable, The Tortoise and the Hare. A tortoise was recently pushing on my chair to move it away from the table, over to where she wanted it, by […]