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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Prettiest Head of All?

photo of head of red-footed tortoise, Rose

Red-footed tortoises, Geochelone carbonaria, are popular pets. These natives of Central and South America are easy to care for and don’t get too big, growing up to 30 pounds. They are also known for the bright colors on their skin and shell, including their namesake red scales on their legs. Recently, I noticed how vivid […]

That Shell Might Not Look Comfy to You and Me, But to Ezra?

photo of large green iguana head resting on tortoise shell

I have a suspended heat lamp that the tortoises like to use.  They gather together underneath to share in the warmth. The tortoises chose their spot, then sit down and bask for a while. Recently, Ezra Green Iguana was out for a stroll and happened across the non-creeping creep of tortoises. Ezra pulled himself up […]