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Chorale, Cul-de-sac and . . . Chupacabra?

night photo of people standing in street with lights and sheet music

To maintain safe social distance, my chorus has been meeting outside in a neighborhood cul-de-sac.  We’re masked and standing six feet apart. We meet after dark and we each bring an illumination device, such as a clip-on light, or a head lamp or maybe even a wrap-around flashlight you wear on your neck. Whatever type […]

One Thousand Pounds of the Unexpected!

Photo of a Missouri Foxtrotter horse

One year ago today my life changed significantly. Growing up, and as an adult, I’ve had only reptiles as companion animals. I never wanted a mammal. Okay, I did think about getting a hedgehog at one point, but they are nocturnal and I’m definitely a diurnal type of person. After I retired from my work […]

“That’s MY Bed!”

image of rhinocerous iguana in human bed

Among the many reptiles I share my home with is a rhinoceros rock iguana who usually free roams my house. She basks under the heat lamps with the tortoises, shares the plates of veggies and finds sunbeams to relax in. Mid-afternoon, it’s time to head under some rocks for a nap.  No, I don’t have […]

Fun Geology and Biology for The Lime Lizards Lads!

book cover reading comprehension

Geology is the science that explores the earth’s physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it. Geology is often included under the topic of Earth Sciences.  You might be surprised to learn that I often include geology in my fun science books that feature lizards. You can’t really study biology […]